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Now in our 20th year online we believe we produce the Best Free Personalised Santa Letter in the business...

Every Letter Fully Personalised With...

...your child's first name AND surname,
their age and gender,
where they will be when Santa visits
the present they are likley to get from Santa
PLUS ..... include a special personalised message to let the child know that Santa has been really pleased with their achievments during the year.

See Santa Letter Example Below

(green highlited areas show where personalisation takes place and are obviously not shown on the real letter!!)


Fully Personalised

Absolutely FREE

No Log-in or Account Creation

Make as many letters as you want

Our best free personalised Santa Letter EVER!!

No sign-in or other delay.

Just click below and start creating your Santa Letter immediately.......

Our Top Three Santa Sacks Recommendations

[Ad] SMARTYPANTS Extra Large Personalised Premium Hessian Santa Sack North Pole Post Office

  • Personalised Santa Christmas Sack
  • 100% Premium Screen Printed Hessian Santa Sack.
  • Authentic, and totally timeless, Can be used year after year
  • Measuring Large 50cm x 80cm
  • Perfect for girls and boys,or buy another for mum and dad too!

[Ad] Christmas Red Santa Sack Personalised Handcrafted HoHoHo Large Gift Bag

  • Personalised Red Christmas Santa Sack 78 x 48cm
  • Lovely Quality Hoolaroo Sack, Exclusively Made by Designer Kids and Baby
  • Personalised with the name of your choice

[Ad] Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Christmas Sack

  • Featuring original illustrations from the Beatrix Stories
  • Brilliant alternative to a Christmas stocking
  • Great gift idea
  • Individually packaged

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